Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is at the heart of every economy, providing the means to help businesses expand and investors grow. Isari international law firms Banking and Finance team operate at the industry’s forefront, working with innovative finance products in the Islamic republic of Iran and across the region. Our integrated global team of Banking and Finance lawyers and professionals offers an expansive breadth of insight, helping our clients to structure and document transactions that help to provide financing to virtually every industry. Since our law firm represents both finance providers and users, you benefit from counsel that understands the needs and wants of each party. Whether yours is a domestic bank in India, a government development bank in Moscow, or banks in several other locations, our team understands you. Isari international law firm with deep sector-specific experience also ensures you’re working with a team that’s fluent in your language and understands the local our clients truly know the pace of change in bank regulation is rapid.

Commercial Litigation

Isari international law firm area of practice is handling complex business litigation— called "commercial litigation. The heart of such litigation usually involves a claim for breach of contract. A contract is a set of mutual promises where each promisor gives the promisee something of value. But in addition, commercial litigation may involve what are called business torts: 1. Negligence, where the defendant has failed to show due care; 2. Breach of fiduciary duty, where there is a close and confidential relationship, such as that between a lawyer and his or her client; 3. Fraud, where a false statement was made with intent to deceive and the person hearing it reasonably relied on the statement to his detriment; 4. Conversion, where the defendant exercised unauthorized dominion over the plaintiff's property; 5. 

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Company Registration

If you are considering the prospect of establishing an IRAN branch of an existing company or starting a new business in IRAN, there are numerous factors to consider and decisions to make, particularly if you wish to proceed in accordance with Iranian company law. You will need to decide what form of business entity to establish. In IRAN, businesses can be incorporated as limited and unlimited partnerships, private limited companies, public limited companies, branch offices and representative and regional offices. Although there are numerous "business consultant" services providing company registration services, it is sensible to take advice from a professional licensed lawyer. There are numerous laws that will affect you and your company in IRAN (and abroad). Merely filling out forms without the knowledge of the application of the law can lead to serious complications and other problems.

International Arbitration

International arbitration is a binding and consensual form of dispute resolution which provides an effective method of resolving international disputes without the potential cost, delays and risk associated with domestic litigation. It is highly notable that most of the multinational corporations would rather resolve their commercial disputes by arbitrations administered by a reputable arbitration institution. Isari International Law is consisted of the lawyers who are specialized in a range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. Members of our law firms are qualified with arbitration processes using a wide range of institutions and rules, including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), and United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). We provide legal services on ADR to our clients with providing a significant expertise on following matters;

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Intellectual Property Law

Isari International Law Firm assists clients in representing them against any breach of their copyright trademark and patent rights. It provides a service for IP related trade regulations counterfeiting unfair trade and applications for the registration of trademarks and patents. The following issues are within our legal expertise, Trademarks And Brands, Patents And Utility Models, Designs, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Reputation, Brands And Trade Names, Unfair Competition, Licensing, Know-how And Technology Transfer, Intellectual And Industrial Property Agreements, Confidentiality And Non-Disclosure Agreements, Anti-counterfeiting, Registrations And Representation Services At IRAN And International Patent And Trademark Institutes, Innovations of Employees, Regulatory, and IP Disputes.

Law on foreigners

Isari international Law Firm provides professional attorney service for its foreign clients in solution of questions of law faced in Iran. Law on foreigner’s expert lawyers in Tehran provide the companies and individuals in Tehran and Iran with legal consulting service about law on foreigners. Our expert lawyers providing consulting and attorney services in the field of law on foreigners and nationality law renders a quick and solution-oriented legal service in all disputes faced. Isari international Law Firm, especially in Foreigners on Law and Nationality Law, provides any legal consulting and support service on: Providing consulting services for Iranian Companies with foreign capital and real persons who are foreign citizens wishing to buy Real Estate in Tehran and other cities , in Iran or sell real estate Tehran, in Iran, Preparing purchase-sale agreements for real estate in Iran for alien natural and legal persons and carrying out the transactions in this respect, Drawing up agreements on leasing of real estates in Iran for alien natural and legal persons and following the process, Making applications about obtaining and extending work permit in Iran for foreigners and following the process, Applying for residence permit of the foreigners, following the process and providing consulting services, Carrying out the procedures of acquiring Iran citizenship by the foreigners, following the process and providing consulting services, Providing consulting services in respect of marriage in Iran, divorce in Iran, guardian and heritage in iran to foreign real persons, Providing consulting services in respect of opening a business and company, following the process and providing consulting services, Representation of the foreigners in civil courts in Iran that they needed, representation of foreigners in criminal courts in Iran, pleading foreigners in criminal courts and appearing as attorney in criminal courts in Iran for foreigners and similar issues

Real estate

Families buying their first homes and real estate investors adding to their portfolios want their transactions to go smoothly and have their rights protected in case problems arise. Isari international law firm, located in capital of Iran, offers comprehensive services for all real estate transactions. For more than 20 years, our firm, led by founding attorney Mahmoud Isari, has represented investors and families in the sale and purchase of properties. We have the experience to anticipate potential issues and create proactive strategies that accomplish our clients' objectives. At Isari international law firm we deliver quality legal services tailored to our clients' needs. We represent clients in the following areas of real estate law:

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