About Us

Isari international law firm from its formation date by assistance of well-practiced lawyers and law universities scholars provided full legal services to its clients. The legal fields as banking and finance-international trade-foreign investments-company registration-notary and estates disputes –inheritance and intellectual properties. Attorneys at the firm understand that laws can be confusing for clients who are not from Iran. They guide their clients through the process, explaining differences in Iranian law versus other countries. They help companies and individuals know their rights and protect them. They fight to solve clients' problems and concerns. Lawyer Mahmoud Israri founder of Isari international law firm participated in the banks great legal cases and achieved good success due to his educations and profession background. Members of Isari international law firm by considering Islamic republic of Iran necessities to foreign investments by inviting and giving legal consultations to the investor’s attempts to carry out legal duties honestly and seriously. The CVs of Isari international law firm members and handled cases verify our averments.