Islamic Republic of Iran especially its major cities like Theran,Isfahan,Tabriz ,Shiraz and Mashad has become prime spot for international business transactions because of its evolving business landscape and investment opportunities. The attorneys at Isari International Arbitration & Law Firm, in Tehran, have handled international matters related to business law, including multinational litigation and arbitration, banking and finance, registration of foreign companies and the purchase of real estate by a foreign entities in Iran. In addition, the firm has handled personal issues that have international consequences, like estate planning and probate. Our team is devoted to helping clients not only to get the job done, but also to ensure that it is done right. We are a well-known law firm with large firm sophistication, which allows us to be more responsive and direct with our clients. Meeting Your Needs and Pursuing Your Goals Across International Borders Contact the international law attorneys and legal experts at Isari International Arbitration & Law Firm for complex legal advisory services. We work in collaboration with the client and a team of advisors, including foreign attorneys, international legal affairs experts and

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Head Master Article

Main purpose of Isari international law firm establishment is doing legal issues our precedents truly said and still it is common adage “jack of all trades and master of none” by developing in the many fields of law obviously visible. Nowadays in the law firm establishments in all of the world, professional practice in the legal fields consider deeply by its founders. Creating legal branches in the many area as sport law, medical law, transportation law, banking and finance law, investments law and etc., causing this necessities that we shall change our custom attitude on the law and legal profession.

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